Never forget


The hand itches to write, and the brain has too many words running through enough to make nothing in particular come through.

The purpose, motivation, aim and push that led to this, couldn’t have been what was thought about in the past year, or could it?
Many have forgotten, but some will be reminded. Too many! One too many things that are to be pursued turn out to be distractions from each other. Cutting and turning and confusing the mind and heart, where it should put a stand and stamp on.
There is power in the mind, power in what led you to this; to what you are and what you do now. The power in what pushes you forward with every click of the right mindset that comes once in every while; the chain that loosens, but tightens back with every style it could manipulate you with.
To what cause would you push yourself for? At what pace will you run sour and dry enough to cry the dust of lost possessions and sentiments that cause detriment to the very own soul.

Never forget what you started with and how you started. Never forget where you came from just because your cause for actions told you to come. Never forget who you are, before the world tells you who you should become. Never forget where you started, for that will make you what you will become.

Don’t ever forget!


  1. Reminder of my strenght – my passion that comes from my childhood that still led me through life.
    Deep and thoughtfulness speeches that led to mindfulness.
    Thank you Ego