They don’t know


They don’t know you, yet. They have no clue as to who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, and where you came from doing what you do.

Their knowledge and understanding of you wavers in the light of day and dark of night. It wavers in the eyes of none that see what they should or want to see as far as they are concerned with seeing what it is they should see past the blindfolds.

But who are they?? And who are you?? What makes you you asides what brought you into this world? The real question should be what brought you here? To this moment, this face that gives you the strength and every nerve you’ve got to come close to thinking that this is what you want.

How do you show them who you are? Come real close to first showing you who you are, your very own privilege. What makes you fear you is what makes you fear what’s outside of you, your world.

The future is how you make use of what’s within to bring tomorrow. There is so much worry for Now that you can’t recount the best you have always had in you for Tomorrow.

Never let any foul thought stop you in your tracks. Jump over it for it is your job to let them know everything and all you are, without much talk.



  1. First impressions give 1 an idea of another. I’m not saying in itself it’s ok but it’s a start. If u decide to react based on tht first impression you are not wrong. . Good stuff babie..