Who Are You


Hi… do you ever feel out? That you don’t fit in? Into space, into hearts, and into arms? That you don’t seem to find the kind of happiness you really want, it makes you question yourself. If there’s something wrong with you, or if you are doing something wrong. Do you ever feel like that? Is there something that feels stuck within you.. your heart, and mind perhaps, that you find yourself asking if there’s a problem with who you are, what you are becoming, or what you have become?.

I wonder how you ask yourself these questions, trying to find some answers, from all the questions asked, do you ever find decent answers, or do you just remain stuck asking the questions that are wrong, the questions that shouldn’t be asked. Do you ever stop to think about the people around you and ask yourself questions about them? “What is wrong with them? What is it that they want from you? And for how long will they keep waiting for you to fall or do something, something they want?”

What about what you want? What about what makes you happy? What about not questioning yourself. Who you are, and who you should be. What about loving yourself first, instead of praying and hoping they love you and see you for who you are… true. True not only to your words, but also true at heart.

You will wait in vain dearest. You will wait in vain that they love you. You will wait in vain that they appreciate you because they never will, not the way you hope for or want them to. The people that think there is a problem with you will only see you the way they want to see you. They never will, and it’s not because there is something wrong with you, it is simply because there is something wrong with their perception of you. So yes, love yourself first and live the way you should. Define yourself, who you are, what you want from yourself, satisfying yourself and helping people in many ways but one, and if they are lucky, you could help them see who you are, not just what.