Welcoming you with open arms


Hi there..

You and I can agree it has been too long, can’t we? #smiles

I can’t not say I haven’t missed sharing some of my deepest thoughts with you, because i have.

I waited for months trying to get the right look for the blog, one that could be a best fit for “egozthoughts”, and I must say that after everything that had to go down trying to get this up, I am quite satisfied and extremely pleased with this new look.. I hope you are too!

All the stress i have had to deal with these past few months, more importantly owing to serving my country, and moving out of my comfort zone, has brought me different emotions that have expanded my horizon in a certain way i am yet to fully understand, but deeply appreciate.

Most times, I am stuck between what I want, and what finds me.

Each time I pray, I ask God to make me a better person, a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister.

Not so long ago, for a long while, I fell, and I kept falling knowing how bad it was, but somehow I couldn’t get myself out. I didn’t believe I had the strength to do it. So I stayed there and kept making the worst decisions I could ever make.

I didn’t believe I could stand up. Maybe I knew I could but I just got comfortable with staying that way. That’s how less I thought of myself, and I accepted it.

They say you never know who your real friends are till you are down and in need of help. My friends were there the best ways they could be. All of whom I love so dearly and appreciate.

When a person commits sin and asks God for forgiveness, God forgives, but that person still has to be punished for those sins committed.

Out of all my friends, no one took my heart the way this one did. This friend took everything. This friend was my peace, my joy, my satisfaction, my strength. I fell deeply for this one. But the punishment for the mistakes I made was to throw everything away without realizing I did.

What are you doing right now? Is your heart at peace with what it is? Is your soul calm and not disturbed by it? Whatever it is, no matter how small or how big, get away from it. It may be too small right now but you never know how big it’ll become and how much of yourself you’ll lose.

It’s not worth it. None of them are. So get out of it, stop it.

You can do it.

Don’t wait for a new year to begin before you make resolutions to change. Do it now love. Start right this minute before it becomes too late and you miss something you shouldn’t have. Something you don’t want to miss.

If ever you feel you have no one there for you to listen, to guide, to help you, I’m here, and I promise to always be.

Send me an email via egozthoughts@gmail.com and let us both help you.

Sometimes we learn lessons from the mistakes we make, the easy way, sometimes we learn the hard way. Either way, we learn what we are supposed to.

I look forward to hearing from you.




  1. “Most times, I am stuck between what I have and what finds me”….very deep.

    Your thoughts are pure, expressive but subtle. It awakings the inner peace of a troubled mind.

    Your thoughts have opened my mind to the beauty of poetry.

    Ego you have a gift in those fingers…..the world is waiting.