The most important thing your soul needs


When I hear about love, I smile to the different perceptions of it. I cannot possibly understand your stand on it, but that face you make when talking about what love means to you shows all there is to know about the love you feel, the love you’ve given, and the love you’ve received.

I can only imagine how scared some people are of love that they prefer to hate, but Love is the most important thing you need in life. Love for yourself, love for your work, love for your family, the ones close to you, and most importantly, the love your body, mind, and soul needs.

True love.

The love that can only sustain you when you have nothing else, the love that will make you happier than any other thing. Not money, not fame, not power. And as there is always a bad side to everything in life, so also is there a bad side to love, the love that hurts when half of it is lost.

Love brings the worst pain there can ever be, when it hurts. The pain goes too deep and kills you inside that you never want to live to love again. The pain of love is as gripping as its sweetness. When there is love, that is the happiest you will ever be. When there is love, you will appreciate everything there is. When there is love, you will see clearly, and be more alive.

That’s when you start living.

Don’t run away from Love. Don’t fight it. Let it come to you, and when it does, embrace it, keep it, because that’s what you need the most.



  1. True Love is hard to find and gets easily complicated , Apart from my family , I owe no one else this emotion , I had to learn the hard way , thanks for this Beautiful Post from a Beautiful mind