Coops of our own


I’d be spitting bars of a quanta of lies if I said I knew how best to deduce Life and Life’s vicissitudes, because I don’t!

We can’t possibly understand anything that doesn’t stop confusing us, and that’s why we’d rather give in to the whirlwind of life; in surrender, to have it take us wherever it wants to.

We all act on impulses, most times, latching on to most of the things we do right after it’s complete. Our minds act for us long before our gray matter figures out why.

There’s what we respond to, then, there’s how we do respond.

Looking back on the things you have done, and wondering if you could have done better, is just a waste of the time; the same time you could use to make things better for yourself, and those around you.

We erect bridges for people to get to us, but take them down long before we let those people try climbing. So insecure are we that we don’t even trust ourselves with the things we love and don’t.

We can’t live life freely now, without looking back and over our shoulders to the ones we don’t trust, the empty hallways we fear, that something may come to harm us.

Why don’t we free ourselves from what is taking a hold of us, and feel how beautiful it is indeed to be free! It is hard to be, when we are not even aware of the coops we put ourselves in, inadvertently.

It is up to you to let what you want in, what you need, and what you want to feel, in.

There’s what we know, and what we don’t know to be. There’s what it is, and what it used to be.


  1. Thank you for that deep and satisfying thought Ego Linda.. According to what you have said. There are three things that hold a man down in life and they are: the thoughts of past experience, fear and love. Life is an invisible spirit that operates most effectively with the invisible thoughts or mind’s insinuations. Our position today it as a result of the thought we engaged yesterday. We cannot change what we experience if we don’t change what constantly think about.. What we will be tomorrow lies our thoughts today.. The bible says my way is not your way and my thought is not your thought either.. The thought I have towards is of riches and good health . so, that means God himself recognises the veracity, potency, significance and purity of thoughts. It takes anticipation of the kind life you wish to live with your mind before you can see it manifest outside of your life..

    • My pleasure Fatai..

      Correct. I thank you for elaborating this beautifully ?

      Yes, it does take anticipation of the kind of life you wish to live with your mind, and a lot more, before you can see it manifest outside of your life..

      Negative thoughts and beliefs aren’t a result of the facts or experiences themselves, rather they are the conclusions we draw from them.
      How we intend to act, moving forward, is from and with what we’ve concluded about whatever situation we were in.

      What we gotta do still moving forward, is to combine our strengths and interests with what others around us need. That too, will define what we think of ourselves and our experiences, because meaning does not happen to us, we create it.