Turning 23

egozthoughts turning 23

Not as frenzied as I usually am every 12th of October, I laid awake on the fluffy sofa, staring into the ceiling, smiling to myself, pleased for what has made me.

Growing older has never felt more serene. No longer am in envy of the trees that sway their hips, tempting, calling out to me, to see how freely they live.

My eyes stayed glued to the ceiling, staring at the silent image of God, who in him, I have been found and found again. My fears for the future though so close, seemed so far away. I whispered to the one I know has healed me countless times, that for here I am, broken in many ways but one, quiet to the cry for the re-awakening of perfections within me, screaming into nothingness for that which cannot be, thankful still, I am. For thou has made me, thou has kept me safe, thou has blessed me, and made me perfect in his sight no matter how imperfect I am in mine.

Loving someone requires a leap of faith, and no one guarantees a soft landing, but who cares, I will love myself anyways.

look at me,

look at the creases on my skin

look at the scars that blind


look at me,

look at my soulful eyes

look at the tears that trickle down


look at me,

look how beautiful

my tears and scars have made me.


It isn’t the easiest thing growing up. Greater obstacles shine their smug faces brightly at you, blurring your vision and forcing you to stumble, and drop to your knees in defeat, or in prayer to fight back.

I’m not just getting old, I’m getting better, I’m getting stronger. Today, I celebrate myself, I celebrate every single mistake I have made, every obstacle I have come across, every wall that has stood tall against me, everything that has made me who I am now, and who I look forward to becoming. I celebrate my courage, my weaknesses, my strengths, my desires. I celebrate thou who has made me who I am today.

Happy Birthday to me!

Photos by Ayo Adeagbo (Xtreme Studios, Ibadan)…egozthoughts turning 23egozthoughts turning 23egozthoughts turning 23egozthoughts turning 23


  1. Congratulations on this your lovely day. Your picture speaks much of your beauty and your write up is a reflection of your intellectual acumen.. Once again happy birthday.

  2. Comment:Awwwn,,this is beautiful.. Happy Birthday to you honey.. May you always find and know peace.. much love from this end