To the music!

egozthoughts to the music

I spend time with the music because it’s my savior,
It’s my true friend,
It understands my every emotion.

I guess everyone will always share my heart with it.
When i am lost, it finds me.
It finds me hidden in the darkest of corners,
Wrapped in myself and sometimes in tears.
When my walls are up, it tries to pull them down.
And if it can’t, it builds them higher.
My own Ivory Tower!

It encourages me to cry and let it all out.
It holds me tight and rocks me back and forth,
Like a baby in a cradle.
It calms my demons, my angry demons.
It’s in my head, my heart,
It’s home.

I’m empty without the music.
I’m shattered without the music.
It’s tattooed forever in my heart,
My own guardian angel.

When my heart stops it’ll go on,
Another it will save.
The music saved me, it’s still saving me,
It’s always gonna save me.
I’d die if the music got chased away by my demons.
It’s the light in the dark side of me.
I’m amazed by the music,
I love the music,
It’s my one true love.

Never let me go, never say goodbye.
Even when I loose control, bring me back.
Before I jump off the bridge, save me.
You are the only one holding this broken girl together.
One move and I am scattered on the ground.

Thank you to all who share the same feeling.
Raise your glasses tonight and let’s make a toast to this friend,
a friend who is always going to save lost ones like you and I…

To the Music!
This beautiful piece was originally written by CaraLee
Feelings of an artiste.
The Music.