6 obvious signs a person secretly likes you

egozthoughts signs a person secretly likes you

It doesn’t have to be so confusing to tell if a person likes you or not. You know if someone likes you by their actions. Actions speak louder than words… When someone likes you, they will say, and do nice things. They will go the extra mile for you. If you are sad or upset, they will be there for you. Also, they might even flirt a little with you. Giggle with you or laugh at a joke even if it’s not that funny.

But different people have different ways of showing that they like someone, so if you’re having a hard time trying to figure out if a person likes you, look out for these signs to be really sure!


You don’t have to wait for a person to make a declaration of love. All you need to do is watch the unconscious behavior of your admirer. It speaks for itself!

Here’s how most people reveal their feelings. But the most interesting thing is that people behave unconsciously regardless of gender or age.

1. Body language

If a man is walking with a woman and puts his hand on the small of her back, he wants to let her know that he is there and will always support and take care of her. He definitely has a crush on her.

egozthoughts signs a person likes you

A man who likes you will always find (innocent) ways to hold you. When talking to you, seated or walking, whichever way, watch out for his hands if they are trying to make a home on your skin. He just wants to be closer to you. He feels the need to protect you. It’s only natural, because he likes you.

egozthoughts signs a person secretly likes you


2. It’s impossible to control a smile or a laughter

egozthoughts signs a oerson secretly likes you

Once a lovelorn’s object of admiration shows up on their radar, she can’t help smiling. If feelings are too strong, she can also slightly raise an eyebrow without even realizing it or even smile unconsciously.

3. They can’t keep their eyes off you

egozthoughts signs a person secretly likes you

If people start to laugh at someone’s joke while talking in company, lovers look unconsciously at those they like most. The shy ones are not usually as direct as the rest, but even the most shy person will steal a look from time to time.

If he is that confident, he will come to you when he sees you, even if it just to exchange two or three sentences. A person who likes you will always try to be around you.

egozthoughts signs a person secretly likes you

A person in love often keeps an eye on the object of their admiration: it always seems as though there’s an important detail they previously missed. If one suffers from one-sided love, he usually can’t stop observing the situation because this is better than nothing.

However, if the gaze is caught, “the second front” is activated: he feels the urgent need to observe the nearby curtain or to make the acquaintance of the old woman sitting in the next room.

4. An unusual way of talking

egozthoughts signs a person likes you

There are 2 versions of the scenario for conversation:

A person suddenly changes his natural way of talking to one characteristic of a poet, a philosopher, and a journalist all rolled into one. It becomes easy for him to talk on the most complicated and interesting subjects even if he has never thought about them before. If you’re lucky enough, an ordinary person will turn into a comedian.

A reasonable and knowledgeable person turns into a stupid sheep that has an extremely poor vocabulary. If it applies to you, try to limit attempts to impress another person.

5. Talking about you to other people

egozthoughts signs a person likes you

People often talk about someone they like to other people or get them to talk about it. Even if they have a serious conversation in the company of colleagues, they can casually join another one as soon as they overhear a familiar name mentioned there.

Interesting detail: a person in love can speak about his object of desire in a very, very negative way, claiming to himself and others that he is barely in love. In this case, they usually say something like “Mary is a little weird!“ or ”John is such an idiot!“

One more thing. During the course of conversation, lovelorns tend to point out a similarity in interests: “It seems that the only people who watch Games of Thrones are me and Paul.”

Watch out for that!

6. A sudden change of interests

egozthoughts signs a person secretly likes you

A person in love may suddenly become interested in the same things as the object of his feelings. All at once he takes an interest in sports or starts reading literature that he would never have previously considered.

And don’t forget about the continuous checking of the object’s social network profiles and an unconscious hatred for all close friends of the opposite sex. Lol.. well, that’s love!

P.S. Of course, there are people who are the exception to the rules. No matter how hard you try to reveal the truth, they’ll never reveal their secret.

There are two types of people in love..

The first type of person always tries to be close to the object of their feelings. They tend to go to places where it’s possible to bump into their beloved in a casual manner and touch them at every opportunity, for example, with a little push in order to apologize and then give a hug.

The second type of person tries to avoid the person they like. They may use rude language in conversation, thinking it will help to hide their true feelings for their “prey.“ Or they feel they’re simply not good enough to appear before the person. If ”object X” goes up, they will automatically go down.

If someone has recently been avoiding you or, on the contrary, trying to bump into you casually, there is definitely a reason.

Which ever one it is, watch out for it! ☺️

Good luck!

Source: Bright Side