Dating A Workaholic? Here’s How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy


A lot of relationships crash, because some partners do not enjoy the attention they need from their partners. They feel that their partners would rather go out with friends than stay home to watch a nice movie together, or pay more attention to their work, than come home early to a nice dinner and spend time together.

egozthoughts dating a workaholic

It isn’t bad for you to want these things, but think about having a healthy, and happy relationship regardless, without having negative thoughts of him not giving you the attention you want, because you feel it is about you.

In most cases, it has nothing to do with you.

Dating a workaholic comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to keeping your relationship healthy. This is because some people are extremely invested in their jobs, such that they put their relationships on the backburner, with no intention to do so.

If you so happen to start dating a workaholic, you would understand that it is ‘work’ at first, but would get tired of waiting around eventually, and start demanding for attention.

Here’s how to keep your relationship healthy when dating a workaholic:

Plan your time together

egozthoughts dating a workaholic

He likely has a very busy schedule, which means you’ll have to find your way into it. Sometimes that means both of you have to actually schedule time together. It’s like planning for date nights except you might just be planning time to hang out together uninterrupted at home.

Never cancel date nights

egozthoughts dating a workaholic

It’s important that both of you keep to this rule. Your scheduled date nights are one of the only things keeping your relationship normal. You need to have that intimate time. You should never have to cancel date nights unless an emergency comes up. Having that time to bond and have a sense of normalcy is too important to ignore.

Visit him at work

egozthoughts dating a workaholic

If he’s at work far more than you are, go can ahead and visit him if it’s allowed. You don’t really have to stay long. Sometimes all you need to do is bring him a snack and give him a kiss. That can do so much more for your relationship than it seems. This is not only a selfless act, it’s also supporting his work and making an effort to be there during your free time.

Don’t let your sex life lag

egozthoughts dating a workaholic

This is very crucial. When your partner works a lot, he’ll be tired. But the truth is, sex is really important. It’s another important act that makes two people connect more, and actually feel like a couple. So if you must, schedule a time for it. Don’t let it slack, but don’t become robotic about it. Sex shouldn’t be forced, or become work itself.

Tell him when you feel neglected

egozthoughts Dating a workaholic

There will be times when his work will start to take over a bit, so you have to be able to tell him when you’re feeling neglected. Mind you, set the mood. Don’t tackle him or adjudge him. Talk to him from a place of understanding, calmly, that you feel he is neglecting you, and you are starting to worry about that.

He would tell you not to worry, but because he feels you trust him enough to talk to him about your feelings the way you did, he would think about it a second time, and adjust.

It’ll be easy for him to get annoyed and try to justify his actions, when he feels like he is being pushed to a corner, and feels he needs to be on the defensive. If you both fight about it, you won’t solve the problem and get good results.

When you’re dating a workaholic, things can get quite confusing, and annoying if you’re not sure how to handle it. These tips can ensure your relationship stays in great shape. But the most important thing you need to have is something of your own. Something that takes your time too, that you are not waiting on him all the time.

You will get depressed, and angry all the time, and that would put a huge strain on your relationship. So make sure you keep yourself busy too with your work, friends, fun, and yourself.

Cheers to a happy and healthy relationship!