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It has been too long, has it not?

Happy New Year Darlings!

Forgive me, I have been more present on Facebook (Egozthoughts) and Instagram (@egozthoughts) than I have been here. Blame it on the poetry!💁🏽‍♀️

Have you been following those pages by the way??

Anyway, I hope your year has been great. I on the other hand have been doing a lot of unlearning, and with all the good that has been happening as a result, I do not intend to stop. 

A little early into the year I received an email from a friend – she prefers to remain anonymous. 

She had some personal grievances and issues she wanted to share.

egozthoughts conversations from my inbox

I have always welcomed the thought of sharing my knowledge and helping others overcome challenges at mind, body, and at heart. This was no exception.

Below, I will share with you what we discussed, and I hope you also can learn and unlearn one or two, just like we both did. 


Hey Ego!

It’s (A) how hav u been?

Mehn a lot has happened but i must say av been handling it well

Been in and out of depression but i guess it gets better

I dated a girl, but that didn’t last.. i just made a fool of myself and (my ex) was never cool with it .

(My ex) is single now so am i but i swear i dunno why we can’t b 2geda.. She says Shes not ready and honestly i don’t have d finances to date anyone..

I love her alot Ego 

My family adores her and her family loves me too

But well i dunno.. m scared cuz well life is about 2 begin 4 me.. life after school and i do not want anything dragging me down..

She has a good heart tho.. complicated yes! But shes great..

What do i do?

Plus things are not so good at home financially

I just wanna be aii.. 

What do i do Hmm


Hey darling. Thanks for reaching out to me.

I am very well, but I wish you would be too.

It is a confusing journey, Love.

It works out, sometimes it doesn’t, even if we will it to; and all we are left to do is feel that pain within, that hurt that never leaves, because deep within our hearts we believe it can work.

We tell ourselves that it should.

Gratefully, there’s something else we are allowed to take in that eases the pain we feel. Something that makes us feel more at ease, more comfortable in our own skin, and more willing to smile and take better charge of our lives.

That thing is Self-love.

How much do you love yourself (A)?

The lack of self love is what allows you to say you made a fool of yourself, with your head down and eyes sunk. You made a mistake, that happens. We are allowed to, but it is how we claim those mistakes and what we choose to do with them that makes us better people, to be able to do better in the future.

You want to be in a relationship now, because you love someone (your ex) a lot, as you have written.

I believe you.

Except it may hurt to learn that, YOU are not ready.

You are not ready to date and love someone deeply (A). You are not ready, because from how you have expressed yourself, there is a lot you have think about first.

For starters:

1. You: Who are you?

2. The depth of you: What makes you?

3. Self-love: Understanding what it really means to you, and for you.

4. Self-acceptance: Understanding how to.

5. Your life: Why you do what you do?

6. The next journey for you: Are you ready? What should you do then?

5. Why someone saying no to you shouldn’t make you feel this way.

6. Why you should uncomplicate things, but in your life first..

Trust that there’s more dear.

You need to think about the starters listed above, and focus on them. Only then can you understand what this means, and what you should do. Why you would smile at yourself and shake your head for getting depressed too.

You should know you deserve better (A) – I need you to understand what that really means. I need you to find yourself, love yourself, own yourself, and live like yourself.

I won’t tell you to keep trying to get your love back.

I won’t tell you to not be scared.

Trust me, it’s okay to be scared of anything, especially the future.

That’s how we remain human, and see how much of our lives means to us.

But first, Breathe Darling.

(Conversation continues in my next post)


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