Saturday, July 20, 2019

Writing for me has always been a kind of therapeutic process that I thrust myself into to thrive through both downcast and happy moments. I felt more comfortable writing my cache of thoughts on paper (still do) than talking about them.

With writing, I got possessed with profound peace of mind, it became a place where my emotive ensemble found equilibrium, and it grew, and it stuck. At this point, I felt I could do more than just help myself.

So, the need to share and espouse my thoughts and make them relatable, grew and grew beyond my comfort zone. Thus, Egozthoughts was born; using wit, hilarity, depth, soulful, inspiration, motivation, something, anything maybe, as a vehicle to ferry my thoughts through words.

Essentially, Egozthoughts is about my perceptions of life, love, and everything else in between in written prose and poetry. The idea is to captain a voyage where myself and my readers can learn and unlearn by sharing.

Dear reader, about me is about you too; so, thank you for taking out time to read this, and every post I put up. Egozthoughts are worth sharing with you!