Tuesday, June 19, 2018
egozthoughts insecurities and being a prisoner of your mind
A little while back, I got struck and stuck with a gripping and eye-opening thought during a conversation with a friend about the underlying factors that determine our actions, in this particular case, insecurities. Our conversation danced along the modus operandi of most public office elections in this part of the world, where youths and their energies are mostly used...

Turning 23

egozthoughts turning 23
Not as frenzied as I usually am every 12th of October, I laid awake on the fluffy sofa, staring into the ceiling, smiling to myself, pleased for what has made me. Growing older has never felt more serene. No longer am in envy of the trees that sway their hips, tempting, calling out to me, to see how freely they...

Coops of our own

I'd be spitting bars of a quanta of lies if I said I knew how best to deduce Life and Life's vicissitudes, because I don't! We can't possibly understand anything that doesn't stop confusing us, and that's why we'd rather give in to the whirlwind of life; in surrender, to have it take us wherever it wants to. We all act...