Fat palms & unsexy nails? Let me deal with that

For as long as I can remember, a male cousin of mine has teased me about my palms. He calls them turkey because they are soft, fat, and cushiony. Yes, indeed they are.

He would hold my palms out and start laughing, while he pinched at them. Not that it displeased me in any way, I laughed at it too, because it was true. It is true.

I love soft, sweet, cute things that I can cuddle, so you could catch me holding the “turkey” to my face in a cuddle frequently, and just smiling at myself. A wonder why someone would take it to heart, to hide such a beauty from him/herself, and the rest of the world.

I apologize if this seems like I don’t care to admit that there are people with bigger body-shame issues to deal with. Because, I do. How small this may seem, you would be very surprised at how many people search for a way to reduce or change something about their fat, “ugly hands and feet” and other little things in their bodies that make them who they are; different, yet beautiful.

My palms don’t make my nails look sexy. Sweet, and easy to laugh at perhaps, but definitely unsexy.

Imagine long freshly painted artificial nails covering very short fingernails, and being surrounded by fresh meat. Big, fresh meat that is often exposed when extended, to shake someone, or write on a sheet of paper at a meeting, or take a sip of a favorite wine in front of that potential boo.

It’s not only about the unsexiness of fat palms, or how people are too uncomfortable with & conscious of their bodies, but more of what they do about it.

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable taking your socks off in front of people, or embarrassed when someone asks to see your ring. You shouldn’t let that make you lose confidence in yourself.

Why not recognize that which you ‘do not like’ in your body, and make it your joke, not anyone else’s. Laugh with it, be friends with it, love it, and live life freely with it. They are yours, and they are beautiful too.

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself, a feeling that comes from the inside out, and reflects on you and everything about you.

Fat palms and unsexy fingers

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